Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

About Us

Cambodia Asia travel co., Ltd, widely known as the Mekong Express Limousine Bus or simply Mekong Express is a Cambodian-based company which commenced operation in 2002. Mekong Express is the leading and fastest growing passenger transport bus company in Cambodia.

Mekong Express operates on daily schedule, services to major destinations in Cambodia and also cross border service to Vietnam. From the outset, Mekong Express has a great reputation among international travelers as the company has high level safety and rigid maintenance standard. Our vehicles are all sourced from Japan which is well known for its comfort with highest mechanical quality control in the world.


Mekong express cares deeply in the conservation of natural resources in Cambodia. We wish to bring great awareness to the protection of those valuable resources especially by choosing the critically endangered Irrawaddy White Dolphin as our mascot in the hope that more people will learn more about this mammal and conserve it together.

Seat Types

Our VIP bus has 3 rows with only 28 seats in total to create a more spacious travelling experience while our VIP van has only 11 seats with 3 rows. Every seat on every bus and van is equipped with lap seat belts for your safety, leg rest to support your leg and soft sleeping bed to provide a good night sleep.


Our staffs are formally trained by certified trainers to ensure that we provide excellent service which focuses on ethic, Cambodia traffic law, warm hospitality, responsibility and patience.


Our vehicle are inspected to ensure proper working condition before and after operating to avoid unexpected accident with the proliferation of digital technology, new fuel systems, and accelerated maintenance schedules.

Customer Services

We not only provide excellent bus service but also provide 24 hours customer service to support your need through phone call, email, social media (Facebook Page), website and mobile app.


Travel agent, hotel, guest house and hostel in cambodia always confidently recommend Mekong Express to their customer. Why? Because they know exactly know that Mekong Express can transfer their customer from to their destination safely.

Express Schedules

"On time", we keep this phrase in our mind so that our passengers can have more time to enjoy on their trip in their destination. We always try our best to depart and arrive on schedule. If our vehicle was broken down mid way, we will change vehicle within 2 hours at the latest.

Membership Premium

Why should I become a VIP Member ?

Our loyal customers who has purchased 20 tickets will receive 1 free ticket, and will receive $1 discount per ticket when scanning the membership card.

Advance Booking

Every customer can book in Trip Advisor, Camboticket, BookMeBus, Mekong Express Website and other travel website or even better through Mekong Express mobile app. This innovation will create convenience for our customers.

Best Bus Stop

Behind our bus stop is Tonle Sap lake with amazing view that passengers could enjoy. The size of bus stop is wide and office are comfortable and cleaned for customer rest before and after the trip.

Surprised is always surprised

During special occasion and specific event, customer will be surprised by a happy and small gift at our office or in vehicle.


All our drivers are obliged to be trained by the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation to get their driver license. After public training, they have to take strict assessment by oral, writing and real application test. Beside, they need to learn ethic and company code of conduct.

Easy Pay !

There are a lot of payment method to buy Mekong Express tickets aside from paying at counter such as Mastercard, Visa, Wing, and JCB. People can buy ticket at various Mekong Express Agents.