Customer Reviews

Traveller 4709 12 days

Traveller 4709 12 days

John 12 days

HCM from PP, operator left passengers stranded at border cafe for 3 hours without explanation. Then we were left to fend for ourselves at the chaotic border crossing with no instruction on what to do or where to meet after crossing. Trip took 12 hours.

Terrible Experience - 12 hours from PP to Ho Chi Minh - DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They treat customers like lifeless cargo 12 days

12 hours of discomfort and frustration in their old bus with with tiny seats and terrible AC. The journey took 6 hours longer than expected due to broken buses and complete incompetence. During all the delays neither apologies or explanations were given.

Heng CHAMNAN 12 days

Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh. The worst trip for me. I’ve never used this company. I suppose to leave HCM at 3pm. However, my another flight has got me delay. I’ve talked to taxi to drop me on the way and tell this to both driver and bus team. Never again!!

Traveller 38518 12 days

Left Phnom penh with delay.trip estimated 3 to 4 hours turned into a 7 hours !!!! Death is on the road.too dangerous....i booked a plane to get back to Phnom Penh instead of the sale bus i booked earlier....

Jens 13 days

Started good with a free bottle of water & went bad as soon as we left! Driver drove with tops 40km/h on a free direct road resulting in 2h45min delay in arrival!!! Absolutely not recommend!!

Vannakneary 13 days


Disgusting conditions 13 days

Late departure (1h delay) + driver stopped to pick up non-VIP guests&make money. A baby threw up in the bus while we stopped. The mum didn't want to clean up, nor the driver. I had to do it so that my daughter's feet wouln't be in the vomit: unbelievable!

Jamie 13 days

Flawless. Left Kampot bang on 8.15am, clean bus, full but plenty of space, driving swift but safe, clean run to Phnom Penh, arrived on time. You roll the die every time you take a bus in Cambodia, but this one came up a six. Thanks!