Customer Reviews

Seat D1 6 days

I have taken many buses between HCM City and PHN and I must say the driver was one of the best I had, Friendly and good driver, respected enough safety rules,

Hieu Tri Nguyen 6 days

Spaces between seats are not too big - a bit uncomfortable while seating.

Maria 7 days


Madinay Chhuon 7 days

Sri Silva & Joshua Belkin 7 days

There were several problems with this trip. They ripped our new luggage while moving back and forth and threw it onto the ground at each stop since there was no room in the stowaway. The A/C was not cold enough so everyone was hot the entire trip.

Traveller 35372 7 days

Bad driving, bus broke down and we were over an hour late. Bus could use some cleaning as well, old and dirty

Sovandy 7 days

Traveller 67351 7 days

The buses are punctual and clean. But there is 1 big problem - the mini bus is too small for foreigners. I was in pain the whole trip and couldn't wait to arrive. The big buses are much better but I never saw a big bus at 2pm from Siem Reap to Battambang.

Sagar Premkumar 7 days

Great bus service and great driver. Very punctual. However the wifi didn't work for a big part of the trip. No complaints though.

Amazing trip! 7 days

The trip was great, the punctuality and services offered by the crew were really good. Regarding the visa procedure they charge 5 usd but they make everything! You don’t even have to queue for nothing and because of that the border crossing goes fast