Customer Reviews

Try Sreang 7 months

I cant change departure date After asked 1 have revised. Should be provide as needed.

Guilherme 7 months

No Wifi and no toilet, even though the ticket said there would be.

Veasna Chhon 7 months

I buy ticket on Mekong Express App 2A,2B but when I go on the bus you give me 2C,2D. Why cheating customers ? And the driver from Bavet to Phnom Penh Drive very fast.

Traveller 96389 7 months

Derly 7 months

David 7 months

We waited too much for a delayed passenger, but it was ok overall and they actually gave us a bottle of water (many companies promise it but they don’t actually do it).

Tim 7 months

comfortable ride

Derly 7 months

Traveller 88257 7 months

Steven 7 months