Customer Reviews

leckmichamarsch 9 days

arrived into ppenh one hour late - not satisfied - tour guide or whatever you call him had the bus stopped for a girl to get some money out of an atm .... sorry, that us annoying .... if everybody on the bus has a request - wll not use yr company again

Sarah 9 days

Comment decrire mon voyage de 12 heures : pluie dans le bus (non, non je ne rigole pas) , clim a fond, bus tres vieux...

Hui 9 days

Wrong deapature location, and the seat was sold again to other people

Jose 9 days

One stop shv - pp would have been enough. A second stop made arrival a bit later than necessary, and my lunch hosts were made to wait. Driver was otherwise polite n accommodating

David from The Netherlands 9 days

I was booked for the 08.00 Minibus service (Hotel pickup at 07.00 hours). But hotel pickup onlu arrived at 07.45 hoyrs and we were seemingly transferred to a luxury bus departing Siem Reap at 08.30 hours. Apart from that everything went well.

Max A. 10 days

Amazing bus service! On time, no delays, and no problems or complaints to speak of!

Jorge Maluf 10 days

Really good trip, even when we arrived at the Viatnam border. They did everythig for the passengers

MEKONG BUS 10 days

Booked Mekong Bus Phnom Penh to Siewm Reap and return. Going up was great in main bus, room to sit, relax and stretch ones legs and go to toilet. On return we had booked major bus but were given minibus where not enough room to stretch legs or go toilet

Great 10 days

I had a nice trip from Siem Reap to Phno Penh. I took the night bus and it was totally well. The bus was on time, pretty clean. You have a bottle of water and some snacks. The staff was nice. The price is ok. I totally recommand Mékong express company.

iammarthan 11 days

Hassle free, great service 👍🏻