Customer Reviews

Molly 7 days

Was a good service, took longer than the 4 hours but Sihanoukville was very trafficy!

Clarenc 7 days

Chheng Chhongeang 7 days

Day 7 days

Didnt let people access wifi because your company want us to buy a sim card from u. Do not put lies to get passengers. Word of mouth can ruin a business

PS Charya 8 days

Traveller 21858 8 days

Julien 8 days

Emily 8 days

Safe and comfortable ride.

Galina 9 days

Everything was nice! Thank You

Disappointed 9 days

The time of departure and arrival were falsely advertised. The advertised journey was 4 hours, the real journey was 6.5 without traffic. This meant we missed original ferry booking... Bus was dirty, driver was frankly dangerous and staff were rude.