Customer Reviews

Tricia 7 months

Comfortable bus. Good journey.

Meng Eang 7 months

Ok Excellent

AA 7 months

It wasn’t bad bus drive I expected.

Jake 7 months

I was not dropped off at the promised location. Instead, i was dropped off in a nest of tuk tuk vultures. Also, the driver drove rather recklessly, even for Cambodian standards. Other than that, the bus was comfortable enough.

anon 7 months

Ok service but road is 75% unmade

June F 7 months

First of all... F*ck this company! Our 7am trip turned 830 Bookes saigon straight to siem reap but forced us to go through phnom penh. Bitch ass attendant FORCED us to pay extra for border crossing but i insisted to do it myself!

Sarin 7 months

It was a comfortable bus from ho chi minh to phnom penh.

Terje K 7 months

The bus left sharply on 2 p.m. from S R. The driver is very good (I know him from before, 6.12.2018 ; P P to S R) The bus looks new and seat and space for legs very good :)

annonymouse 7 months

Good service, particularly easy booking via the app

Bus from Battambang to siem reap 7 months

Very relaxing and enjoyable