Customer Reviews

jack 9 days

great trip very good driver why only snacks on this runand not PP to HCMC pick up service in SR

Traveller 47385 9 days

Severely delayed and cramped 9 days

Not spacious. Bus should have arrived at 12.30pm and arrived at 4.30pm, taking 8 hours instead of 4. Obviously weather and traffic can’t be predicted but they should advertise how severe the risk of delay is. At least the AC was decent and made pit stops.

Traveller 46084 10 days

It take 8hours on the bus, reduce stop to only 2 locations and reduce stop on the way

Traveller 72752 10 days

Sean 10 days

Journey was terrible but i was ill and driver took short cut to avoid traffic so not his fault. Arrived 3 hrs late but couldnt be helped i suppose.

Eunice 11 days

Good service

Rjvsl 11 days

Waiting area at the Mekong Express office was nice and clean. Staff were polite and friendly, especially those who helped load our luggages. Van was quite clean. Overall a good experience.

Charlene 11 days

BORDER Crossing was smooth. We had to change buses twice from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap due to leakage in the aircon.

Ellie 11 days

The company overbooked and we lost our spot and seats even though we booked in advance and arrived 20 minutes early.