Customer Reviews

Traveller 36337 9 days

Fajar Nugraha Suparyo 10 days

Good and nice sleeper bus, straight punctual time, soft couch, good snack, number one

Rousse 10 days

It was a good trip.

Traveller 81627 11 days

Goh 11 days

Comfortable and affordable transfer with our great driver. The only hiccup was the confusion and delay when the van needed a last minute repair which caused a 40 minute delay.

Traveller 78916 11 days

I must Pay extra charge at border line to mekong express crew And the driver is drive crazy, we almost hit and crush a couple time

Traveller 78916 11 days

Koh 11 days

Best night bus ever I had.

VV 12 days

Smooth travel and facilitated through the border crossing. Other passengers were quite loud. WiFi didn't work on the bus as advertised

Aphilady Nara 12 days