Customer Reviews

Traveller 44725 7 days

Overall it was a very smooth trip from Phnom Penh to HCMC. The staff was really helpful with all visa procedures. It would be better if the seat number tags are displayed clearly (mostly missing) and they used a microphone when talking to the passengers.

Sangita Nandi 7 days

I had a great seat next to the driver - very comfortable journey with sufficient breaks.

Sangita Nandi 7 days

Good comfortable journey

Paola & Matteo 7 days

Nanette Pegg 7 days

Punctual bus, road was a bit bumpy but all in all, a good experience

TravelingVietnam 7 days

Very bad trip. Got through border, which was perfect & thought hard part was over. But then bus was boiling hot. No AC. Extremely bad exhaust/burning rubber fumes. Could hardly breathe. Bus broke down, smoking, & we had to wait 2 hours on side of road.

Fraz 7 days

One of the worst trips I've ever been on. Paid for VIP with Aircon and Wifi, bus was 40 mins late, journey was 2 hours longer than advertised, air conditioning stopped 30mins in, no wifi. No explanation/apology.

Traveller 46527 7 days

Good experience! Highly recommended!

Anita 8 days

Air conditioning was not adequate enough. It was very hot on the bus.

David Jordaan 8 days

Overall a pleasant experience