Customer Reviews

thepalmdiaries over 1 year

Bus left on time, driver drove fairly safely - there's a lot of overtaking on this road so it's best not to look. He did spend a bit of time on his phone while driving which wasn't good. We left at 1:30 and arrived at 7pm.

DP over 1 year

About a 10-minute delay departing Phnom Penh; the stop was longer than 25 minutes (as announced). The pick-up van from the hotel was very old and too small for the number of people. Everything else was good.

Yann over 1 year

I saw my life flash by during 4 hours. The driver tried to overtake each car, sticking to it in order that the car in front accelerates. The driver overtook more than 50 cars, sometimes 6 in a row, driving on the other side of the road. A true nightmare.

ABC ddkd over 1 year

Philip Scorgie over 1 year

Driver drive too fast and take too many risks overtaking trucks, also raining as well make it more dangerous. Very uncomfortable trip sorry to say.

Chanthy Sar over 1 year

We booked seats though the app. Paid. Got the seats assigned 3A, 3B on the night before the van VIP depart on next day May 27th. Get in the Van the seats is taken. Same seat 3A,3B Also sole to some one else. How is that happen. BAD service!

Sophie over 1 year

Mostly no qualms with my trip from PP to Siem Reap. Clean, well conditioned, blankets and pillows laundered and standard space. Only thing was it felt like the bus driver would occasionally drift to the other side, as noticed by the many toots

Vo Dang Ngoc Phuong over 1 year

Aric almost 2 years

Good experience all around - can certainly recommend.

Elee almost 2 years

Overall a pleasant trip. It took longer than the VIP van, but was expected due to the size of the bus & number of passengers. The border-crossing process was smooth and well taken care of by the bus staff.