Customer Reviews

Mikkel 6 days

Drive attendant tried to make us pay 1dollar bribe for the border police. We refused and he threatened that they would leave us at the border if we were slow at the border. Not Okay. No bribery should be paid!

Traveller 78143 6 days

NaRan Hwang 6 days

N/A 7 days

Thank you so much

Marie 7 days

Marie 7 days

Ras 7 days

Mona 8 days

The entire trip there was this awful diesel exhaust fume inside the bus. The bus is very old and very unhealthy. I tried to open a window but when I did a lot of old isolation debris blew into my face. Chairs also don’t stay upright. Bad company.

Stéphanie Bessy 9 days

Traveller 36337 9 days