Customer Reviews

Traveller 69234 2 days

Eric 2 days

Emilie Suos 2 days

Luca 3 days

Fabio Ceinar 3 days

Last row seats are too close, we were pretty much stuck compared to other travelers. Van arrived in Battambang 1h late.

Liza Netto 3 days

Driver was good and safe but it was the worst journey with lots of unscheduled stops. We found cockroaches & there was no wifi as stated in their website! We could smell exhaust fumes and halfway through the journey the air-conditioned was switched off!

Audrey F 3 days

Departed on time, clean and comfortable seating, received a bottle of water and box of cookies, AC was great and thin fleece blanket (airline style) was great! Toilet on board. Couldn't ask for more.

Tobi 3 days

The bus was OK, 1h of delay was, well, expected. One thing though: The bus was full of mosquitoes!!! And I mean, really full of them. Maybe it is an idea to spray before departure?

NAOHIRO 4 days

delayed arrival for 3hours were not good

Hanne - Denmark 4 days