Customer Reviews

Name 3 days

Name 3 days

amking cj 4 days

Tim 4 days

jens cheung 5 days

ChungChengLung 5 days

Nice express

Aimee 6 days

The driver was a bit crazy as he was overtaking on blind areas and speeding like crazy in the torrential rain and lightning storm. I was very scared. But we didn’t die so.....

Pellegrino 6 days

Globalement la compagnie est sérieuse et efficace. Nous avons eu un retard au départ de Phnom Phen le vendredi soir du aux bouchons dans la ville mais dont la compagnie n'est pas responsable. Satisfaite dans l'ensemble

Dickson Michael 6 days

The bus has clutch problems,driver was driving too close to vehicles in front and looking at his phone,yawning very loudly.Also air conditioning at the rear poured water all over suitcases meaning contents wet.My job is a coach driver and the driver bad

Apple 6 days

The driver should not stop to pick up the passenger on the way as it is not professional.