Customer Reviews

Bảo Dung 6 days

Staff are helpful. I felt safe the whole trip and appreciated the fact that there is a toilet on the bus for such long distance journey. The inside is quiet old and needs maintenance. Overall a positive experience.

DT 6 days

Beware of their scamming fee to “help” you get the visa to Cambodia. You can do it yourself and will take you less time!

Nonoi Philippines 6 days

There's nothing nothing more I could ask for, but the new coach stands out the most.

Low 6 days

The van is quite old but spacious. Poor air conditioner, the driver is talking with the phone while driving, it's very dangerous.

Lars Christmas 6 days

All good. (Perfekt would have been if i had the Information before the trip, that I have to pay 5 Dollar because of the E-Visa at the vietnamese border.)

Andy 7 days

Bus left on time. Arrived 45 minutes late due to hangup at the border.

Lee 7 days

It was inconvenient and the bus conductor is very unorganized. It is a tiny detail but I had to ask him several times about the migration form and when he finally handed to me, It was so crumpled and no pen! Small details but it adds to professionalism^^

jacky 7 days

amkin 7 days

The driver was driving crazy.

Step by Step 7 days

I just would like to tell you that I met the two drivers, one from BTB to PP and recently from PP to BTB who didn't obey the traffic light. I was ahamed by this because many drivers stopped your drivers just passed without any care. Hope never again.