Customer Reviews

Traveller 77247 6 months

Ivana 6 months

The journey was pleasant and the driver drove safely. However, we arrived more than an hour late, which seems to be a normal state with this company. Get prepared for a longer journey than advertised.

Ivana 6 months

We were picked up in our hotel as promised, left Phnom Penh on time but although the driver was speeding most of the time, we arrived in Battambang 2 hours late. The company knows the journey doesn’t take four hours as advertised, be prepared.

Ian 6 months

Great value.

Ralf Lofstad 6 months

A pleasant trip, the personell were very helpful.

Ambrose Walkin 6 months

Bus arrived PP 18:00 Vs Scheduled 14:30. The bus blew a tyre near the border which took an hour to fix but no way could the trip be done in scheduled time. Seats were uncomfortable and air-con was ineffective. Driving style was rough.

No 6 months

Guide man requests bribe at border

TSKH 6 months

naagaarjuna2500 6 months

Now, National Highway 5 is under construction. Please note that the arrival time is delayed on the company's website. and sub-driver should improve the driving skills a little more before starting the actual driving.

naagaarjuna2500 6 months

If you know the state of the road construction work on National Route 5, please call the attention of the estimated arrival time on the screen of the HP so that you can see at the time of reservation.