Customer Reviews

Traveller 44356 4 days

Sasaki 5 days

I am really satisfied your service.

Aye right 5 days

The bus was very warm, no wifi as advertised but it did take us from siem reap to battambang. It's an old bus with really bad air con and no wifi so don't expect either

Traveller 62745 5 days

It was a long and tiring trip BUT it was all worth it. Thanks to our Driver and his Assistant...sorry was not able to get their names...:)

Marie 5 days

Cornelius Lamprecht 5 days

I'm a big guy, the seats were very small with very limited leg space, maybe think of addressing this issue, other than that the trip was good

Marie 5 days

Manman 7 days

The safest bus ride I have ever journeyed to. It’s just that the bus aircon seems to be old hence the hot adventure. Good overall.

Kevin Pamwar 7 days

Very nice experience all together. Thanks

Emily 7 days

Safe and comfortable experience.