Customer Reviews

Traveller 86793 5 days

take yama 5 days

Hotel pickup is very convenient and thankful. Moving buses is also comfortable. However, it is a shame that the Siem Reap bus stop point specified on the net is different. Couldn't meet free pick-up staff at hotel.

Cid Red 5 days

The travel was very smooth

VAN LOYE Simon 6 days

Katri 6 days

We booked the bus because of longer leg space, wifi, possibility to connect electronicsl device. We got a mini an with none of the amenities we wanted. We also never received the confirmation Email but had The booking number which was accepted. Not good.

Nicole Ka 6 days

Great service, smooth sailing at the border.

Peter Z 6 days

Easy boarding process. They stop to pick up many people along the way, but it doesn't result in much delay. Leg room is quite limited

Nicolas 6 days

No wifi

Traveller 69902 7 days

stupid drivet

Savoeun Pek 7 days