Customer Reviews

Pierre 6 days

Bluee 6 days

Traveller 11464 6 days

The van condition and service is good in overall. But it is about the driver. Driver drive recklessly and willing to violate the law. He speed up to pass another car even from the right side. He looked for every available space to move forward.

Hcm to pp 7 days

No wifi, no tv, no snacks.

Becky 7 days

The times given on the website are WILDLY inaccurate. It does not take 4 hours. We left Sihanoukville at 2pm and arrived in Phnom Penh at 8pm. Appreciate the traffic was bad but the website should take this into account.


jack 8 days

excellent driver ,border crossing problem free on time ,thanks to the driver

Nad 8 days

We had a very safe trip from Battambang to Siem Reap and would book it again. We booked and paid it already from Germany without any problems.

jack 8 days

arrived at 4pm after leaving HCMC at 6-30 am traffic bad due to holiday returnees ,still our trip to enter PP was ok had a good view of the country side arrived at Riverside office they are allways helpfull there

jack 8 days

ok driver and bus but leaving 45 minits late,,no pick up service in SR all in all no complaints?