Customer Reviews

Ahvril over 1 year

It's a good bus company,would recommend to anyone.

Birgit over 1 year

Our driver was driving like hell, talking twice on the phone and one tire blew. Luckily enough we had some Indian guys on the bus to make sure that the replacement tire was well installed. After the almost accident the driver kept on driving like hell.

Vanna Raty over 1 year

One of the best bus companies in cambodia .. but a bit expensive than other 🤪

Ricci over 1 year

the travel was much smoother than anticipated, didn't seem as long as it did. We did accidentally leave our camera on the bus, and unfortunately nothing was turned in.

ehgnyc over 1 year

Mekong Express should make it clear that they no longer take passengers to their final destination for free, and they don't pick up on holidays. Also, drivers make extra money picking up passengers along the way, taking the rest of us on long detours.

Shirleen Low over 1 year

Friendly and helpful staffs. When we reach Siem Reap the staff was helpful snd assist us to contact our hotel which was late for pick up

Alida over 1 year

Very happy with the service received. Very comfortable mini van Don't know what I'm meant to mark about Inspector? What inspector? And had no accommodation booked through you?

Reak over 1 year

I booked mini van at 6:30am but the car arrived at 7am. The seatbelt did not work. Flat tire along the way and we were transffered to bus. It took 8 hours to arrive in Ho Chi Ming. One of the bad experience i had so far.

Birant Yurteri over 1 year

Buses should be renewed soon

Sheng yang over 1 year

First we book the seat but they changed our seat without no good reason. So we feel so hot in the back of the car. Second the car didn’t stop in the right place (arrived place). So I pay more money for tuk tuk.