Customer Reviews

Bought a ticket, but no bus was available! over 1 year

This trip never happened because on the morning of my trip, I was told there was not going to be a bus from Battambong to Phnom Penh. So, I lost out on a roundtrip ticket fare because I couldn't find a way back. There was no refund after much conversation

jan Wardenga over 1 year

Steward girl was unsorted and not in control of the situation at the border crossing (still owes me 50k vnd) vietnamese/cambodian guests are really unfriendly. If you want a proper review, contact me via e-mail:

Squeeze over 1 year

Had to sit on back seats where 4 seats were squeezed in. Everyone else had bigger seats. Bear this in mind when choosing your seats.

Ritch over 1 year

The ride was just ok. We stopped several times for driver and assistants to eat/get drinks but were never offered to get off. They got stinky oysters at one point that made the entire bus smell. Driver also watched cartoons the whole way.

Oli c over 1 year

Did the job, drove from A to B safely, quite slowly however. Fairly comfortable, bus nice & empty. HOWEVER There was mosquitos EVERYWHERE! I got bitten alive bring bug spray! There were a ridiculous amount! Also air con was poor - the front is colder

Birdsong over 1 year

Van was clean and cool, not a lot of room for long legs. Left and arrived early, with one short bathroom break.

Johanet over 1 year

Michael over 1 year

The van was quite comfortable and the driver was very safe for Cambodian standards - still non-stop overtaking but taking less risks than than others. We arrived an hour late to our destination so maybe allow some buffer before any connecting flights.

Thearo over 1 year

I booked and paid one seat but when I arrived the bus station, the seat that I bought was sold to other person so what will be solution for me now??? And how is my money paid??

Glen Norman over 1 year

Very happy with your service. Thank you!