Customer Reviews

Francesco over 1 year

I'm tall and the sit was small for me, but in general is e very good service.

Dariya over 1 year

This is my first time took round trip Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh. Everything good

Ines over 1 year

The driver was not friendly and the food at the place where he get his free food because he stopped there with the passenger for dinner was not so good.

Andriyo Bagus Haryadi over 1 year

Well service

Andriyo Bagus Haryadi over 1 year


Jérôme over 1 year

JAJ over 1 year

We pay for VIP Van with Free wifi, but the wifi doesn't work on the way Saigon to Phnom Penh, and on the way back... I mostly take this trip VIP to get wifi, but it was not working... You should not advertised that you have wifi if it doesn't work...

TJ89 over 1 year

72 yo Male over 1 year

PP to BB. Travel this trip a lot. This driver excellent. Schedule should say 6 hours. Have never done it in 5 :-) Trip include eating stop 20 ish minutes

Old man over 1 year