Customer Reviews

Juan about 1 year

The driver was terrible he stopped for cigarettes whenever he wanted with no respect to the schedule. Also he is a terrible driver we almost crushed with cows and he laugh maybe the passengers didn’t noticed it but I was on the front seat. Breaks suck too

Bo Gleerup about 1 year

We are 1h:15m late, mainly because we have to drop everyone off - but not me? Why don't you ask? We are driving RIGHT BY Malysian embasy where I need to go - and in stead I waste 1½ hours of a lovely Saturday :-s

Dan about 1 year

The bus is a bit older but it's well maintained and the staff is very nice. The bus trip was smooth. The only thing is that they didn't pick us up from the hotel like we arranged. Luckily I realized this in time and was able to make it.

Tipo about 1 year

The website said there were 4 buses this day. I booked the 1pm one. Turns out it just did not exist, and I was registered for the 2pm one, which left around 2:20.

Maxime about 1 year

A bit late

WORMS about 1 year

Reserved seats next to each other and were split up which was upsetting. Bus ride was good, wi fi good, but bus was late.

Eric about 1 year

Perfect ride for a family with little kids. Airconditioning was good, water provided and traffic was easy.

Eric about 1 year

We arrived one hour early for departure and inspector managed to get us in the bus ready to go (so one hour earlier), which was great as we were travelling with little kids and it made our travelling time shorter.

Kheun Sokchet about 1 year

The driver I not good drive too fast

Петр about 1 year

Задержка отправления почти на час, прибытия больше чем на два. Очень старый автобус. Водитель постоянно гудел, очень резко тормозил