Customer Reviews

Karla Grobler about 1 year

The bus exceeded my expectations. It was very clean and the staff were nice and welcoming. We received a pillow, blanket, water and some biscuits which we were not expecting at all. I would definitely recommend this as a cheaper travel option.

Griffiths about 1 year

Despite confirming the night before, our seats were double booked and we were transferred to Kumho Samco which was not the same quality of service but got us to Phnom Penh 2 hours later than predicted. Very didappointing Mr Bookmebus.

Orger about 1 year

Left bang on time only to have to go back after 15mins because we collected a wrong passenger & forgot a further two. Driver drove like crazy to make up lost time & was reluctant to keep the air con on despite the stuffiness and our requests.

Philippe Paquin about 1 year

Excellent trip between Phnom Phen and HCMC.

Keo Sreypheak about 1 year

R about 1 year

Still not used to constant honking.

Lorenza about 1 year

L'autista guidava ad una velocita' elevata con sorpassi molto azzardati, il minivan era un po' datato con le sospensioni da buttare. Sono stati forse avrei preferito arrivare con un po' di ritardo ma piu' tranquilla

Juan Carlos Romero about 1 year


Luca about 1 year

We are arrived to Phnom Pehn with more one hour of delay, the bus was very old and there was not the wifi and the electric connection.

angry customer about 1 year

The person at the reception scammed the hell out of us. We need to change dates and he explicitly say 20%, which would be 6 dollars total. Then he jumped to 6 each, 8 each. When I pursue asking, he pretends not hear it or on the call until the bus start.