Customer Reviews

Ivo 2 days

The driver was totally crazy!! Fast and furious

Muhammad Hamzah Fansuri 2 days


Traveller 63910 3 days

ឡានអត់មានដាក់​វាំងនន​ការពារ​កំដៅ​ថ្ងៃ​ ។ សុំអោយដាក់​ វាំងនន​ផង​ អរគុណ…​

Teddie 3 days

To be cleaner inside of car Due to contesting at Cambodia side, 1 hour late arrival Driver was good.

Charlotte 3 days

If youre a bit taller it can be a bit cramped in the minivan, but overall everything was good!

Shiatsu Dave 3 days

Faultless. Departed in good time, drove appropriate to the road conditions, informed people how long we had for pee stops, and arrived in good time in PP. Happy to recommend.

Traveller 55914 4 days

Rinah g. 4 days

Inspector is hands on and good in english.

Traveller 59734 4 days

Impossible to hear the people on the phone when calling to confirm on multiple occasions. Bus was small and hot very uncomfortable not like other VIP buses we have used in Cambodia/Vietnam. Bus takes 6.5 hours not 4 so unsure why this isn’t stated.

traveler 4 days