Customer Reviews

Michael 2 days

Mekong Express is a non reliable bus company which don't respect at all timetables. They stop along the way to take more passengers and fill their crappy and noisy bus. Forget about WiFi and comfort. They advertise 3h but at the end it took us 5h. Scam

Sam Ngor 3 days

Akira 4 days

Traveller 68435 4 days

ឡានមកយឺត១ម៉ោង៥នាទី។ អ្នកបើកបរនិយាយកុហកពីពេលវេលាមកដឹក

Sophie 4 days


Vignesh 4 days

Car air conditioning was very poor.. and there was no wifi.. seating was ok.. nothing vip about the service.. very disappointed

Rebecca Fletcher 4 days

I thought the service was great apart from the choice of stop for lunch. A very poor place! The menu was for tourists. So expensive!!! Small portion for so much money. There was no other options. Also the A.C on the bus was not strong enough.

Traveller 76486 4 days

Average ride. Overall it wasn't I expected when comparing the bus interior and the photos.

Khun 4 days

Change time and bus without inform, so bad service

Mekong express bus 5 days

This trip was as we expected,although the bus was older it was comfortable with plenty of room. I would use this service if I was doing this trip again.