Customer Reviews

Eric 11 months

Careful and friendly driver. Inspector allowed us to enter a van that left one hour earlier than we booked.

Sera 11 months

sy 11 months

My vip van which was supposed to depart at 2.30pm was cancelled.The company changed my transport to VIP bus departs at 5.30pm.It was too late so they changed to a normal bus departing at 12.30pm to me without refunding the extra 2 dollars that i had paid

el 12 months

Remo + Nina, Switzerland 12 months

Chakreya Bout 12 months

I thought Mekong express give the bread, but ain’t got any on my trip.

dean 12 months

very bad experience!!! 1.first ask passenger to share one seat with others. how come a small seat can take 2 people at the same time for 5 hrs trip?? many drops and late for 2 hrs!!! supposed to arrive at 1:30pm, but actually arrive at 4:00pm!!

Hirotsune Suzuki 12 months

I never use your online and mekong express. I've experienced worst trip. They are so impolite and so terrible.

Vantha Kheng 12 months

Bad aircon and smell

Pov Sopheak 12 months