Customer Reviews

JAJ 9 months

We pay for VIP Van with Free wifi, but the wifi doesn't work on the way Saigon to Phnom Penh, and on the way back... I mostly take this trip VIP to get wifi, but it was not working... You should not advertised that you have wifi if it doesn't work...

TJ89 9 months

72 yo Male 9 months

PP to BB. Travel this trip a lot. This driver excellent. Schedule should say 6 hours. Have never done it in 5 :-) Trip include eating stop 20 ish minutes

Old man 9 months

Francesco 9 months

Cocciolone Anaïs 9 months

The bus with bed it's very good

jv 9 months

overall, perfect!!!

Audrey 9 months

The driver drove 100km/h all trip long. Speedlimit? Who cares? Somewhere it was 40, je drove 80-100km/h. The only times he drove slower were when he was stopped by another car. He was very close from other vehicules. I don't think he drives safely.

Whatever 9 months

Older bus with pretty small uncomfortable seats. Crossing the boarder was very confusing as we were told where to go but not why or what to do by the bus people. A little late, but it was overall okay.

Domo 9 months

Wrong directions, vans late, waited 6 hours after expected departure time and journey took 7 hours... Not the best experience...