Customer Reviews

Garry Von Billen 8 months

Everything was OK except we got to the destination late and missed the ferry. They should allow at least 6 hours travel time between Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville on their schedule instead of 4 hours. We survived this trip.

Benson Wang 8 months

Totally, I like this trip. The driver is good, but if he can drive faster, it's well be better. Because it costs me 6 hr frim shihanouk to phnom penh.

Alex 8 months

Excellent journey!

David from the Netherlands 8 months

A pleasant and comfortable trip!

Jacob 8 months

The bus from sihanoukville to phnom penh is advertised as 4 hours however it took us 7 hours.

Daniel 8 months

mireurscht 8 months

came into kampot 2hrs late - also due to the shokingly bad road. departure half an hour late and noone keeps you informed. bad customer service.

Vincent 8 months

Everything was good, keep doing like this!

Daniel Sumner 8 months

leckmichamarsch 8 months

arrived into ppenh one hour late - not satisfied - tour guide or whatever you call him had the bus stopped for a girl to get some money out of an atm .... sorry, that us annoying .... if everybody on the bus has a request - wll not use yr company again