Customer Reviews

Robert 7 months

A joke

Jeroen 7 months

Angie 7 months

Amazing bus ride!!! 10:30am bus, less people and great facilities.

Wanda 7 months

Efficient, excellent service. Will use Mekong Express again.

Underwhelming 7 months

It advertises FREE WIFI but that didn't happen. The bus is older compared to the pictures online. And for a bus company with great reviews, I was shocked to be dumped in the streets of Saigon with no proper bus stop.

Lfed007 7 months

Bus was advertised as having bathrooms, free wifi and air conditioning. Bus had no bathrooms on it, driver didn't speak enough English to communicate the wifi password and he nearly had several accidents including almost hitting a cow. Not impressed

Da Siem reap a Phnom Penh 7 months

Oltre ogni aspettativa. Abbiamo viaggiato con diverse compagnie in Cambogia e questa ci è sembrata decisamente la migliore. Partita puntuale. Sosta di 15 minuti più che sufficiente autista prudente per essere cambogiano.

Horrible never again and never advise 7 months

They did not advance us the time of departure because they did not come to win. Having a place in the van, the driver stopped by the road more than 7 times to pick up or deliver packages or people arrived 2 hours later than planned never again

ABA 7 months

The A/C was broken and changed the bus. We needed to wait a hour at the road. The driver didn’t explain and apologize us. I asked the driver that we go ahead to coffee shop to wait another bus what the company prepare. But he didn’t agree.

Phearom 7 months