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Bus arrive on time 7 months

Mekong Bus Review The trip was little bit bumpy but I still enjoyed the ride. It was well ventilated and the bus is tidy.

Aniana Roa 7 months

Wifi and the usb port for charging are not working. Fix it please thanks.

Aniana Roa 7 months

I love the services with free cookies and bottled water included. I will tell all my friends to use Mekong Express anywhere place to travel. Thumbs up. Online ticketing is fast and trust worthy complete with seat numbers to choose from. Highy recommended

Boisrame 7 months

some Explanation about the trip would be appreciated but i suppose the driver did not speaker well english langage. So you should deliver a information paper about it Careful driver and in fact good trip

Đào Đức Thắng 7 months

the attendant request illigal money from me. It is a very dissappointed experience. I will not use Mekong express anymore.

Karin 7 months

We had a pleasant and comfortable journey from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap with friendly hostess and good driver.

James 7 months


Daniel 7 months

The bus was very old, the Ac didn't barely work, no WiFi, the bus departed 40 minutes later. So only going from point A to B was real from your promises guys. You should consider tell the truth to your costumers before purchasing a ticket.

Daniel 7 months

Comfortable bus. 15 late departure owing to late arrival is customers

Daichi 7 months