Customer Reviews

Traveller 44356 about 1 year

Aj grandeza about 1 year

Bus is too hot

CHAEYEONG BYUN about 1 year

Darta Blumberga about 1 year

Very surprised me. When they came to my place where I stayed to picked me up for station. Good service. Stopped when I asked for toilet brake. Good conditioner and water. And friendly stuff. Would choose again. Thank you lovely people again!!

MASAHIRO about 1 year

Traveller 2296 about 1 year

Overall trip was smooth and nice. Removal of shoes before entering is very good to maintain cleanliness. However, needs a little improvement to the fabric and smell of the bunk beds as it was less air circulated.

Traveller 62833 about 1 year

Neang sieb

N.R. Davis about 1 year

Soeng Mesa about 1 year

KAZUYA about 1 year

It was punctual and safe. Nothing to complain about. It took us only 6.5 hours to arrive. Staff assistance at the immigration was helpful. I wanna make sure that all of the seats have seatbelt for security?!