Customer Reviews

Traveller 48837 8 months

The air conditioning was nit working well. It was hot and stuffy after we pass the customs at the cambodian boarder. Overall the bus conductor and driver was good.

Not enough room for an adult 8 months

Traveller 47778 8 months

Very comfortable ride. It was good that I could get off on the way.

VL 8 months

Duna Zurcher 8 months

Ewa 8 months

Very big chaos on border it should be possible to go throught border with own paszport

Daan 8 months

We left 30 min. late and drive around the city for 30 min. to switch bus. One of the seats of this bus was broken, so one girl had no back support. You advertise with Wi-Fi.. none of you bussen has Wi-Fi. You Need to step up tour game. Do what you promise

Ana 8 months

The bus is quite old, but space is ok. I didn't like that they charge you 5dollars extra because they are the ones doing your option there...when the border was empty and I could have perfectly done it by myself.

Ana 8 months

Slept all the way... although I thought it would take 6h instead of 7.

Mark 8 months

A perfect trip