Customer Reviews

Panharith Khan 12 months

Take on recklessly. Don't know how to brake properly.

Andy 12 months

Very helpful

Maxime Szecel 12 months

Positive experience 12 months

Driver of minivan picked us up at our hotel right on time. The van was clean with adequate seating. He consistently drove safely at proper speeds.

Good coach but not VIP van 12 months

The bus from Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh was good and the staff were lovely. The vip van from Phnom Penh was not so. We were on the back seats which were smaller than the rest and the air con was not good at the back. Our clothes were very wet from sweat.

Sean Kanha 12 months

You have a good service

Helpful staff almost 1 year

It was a great trip and the staff even helped my husband find his phone he left on the seat. This was the first time we went during the day, so it took a little more time at the boarder.

Bryony almost 1 year

Great trip- left on time/ a bit earl , working air con, toilet on board and a short dinner stop, helped us over the border, gave us snacks and water. Drops you off in the backpacker area in Saigon - would recommend

Mychal Garcia almost 1 year

Overall experience was at best stats.

Alon almost 1 year

The driver was very kind. Departure on time