Customer Reviews

Johanet 9 months

Michael 9 months

The van was quite comfortable and the driver was very safe for Cambodian standards - still non-stop overtaking but taking less risks than than others. We arrived an hour late to our destination so maybe allow some buffer before any connecting flights.

Thearo 9 months

I booked and paid one seat but when I arrived the bus station, the seat that I bought was sold to other person so what will be solution for me now??? And how is my money paid??

Glen Norman 9 months

Very happy with your service. Thank you!

Isuru 9 months

Great service 9 months

Just need to update the map on the website- the address says van will be in Odessy (?) but if you click on the map, it'll give you the address near the night market

Dave 9 months

Bang on

JD 9 months

Didn't receive water and no wifi on board. Had to show the tickets twice, one time after we already boarded.

Mickael 9 months

Egh 9 months

Quick, safe, comfortable!