Customer Reviews

Long trip, a lot of traffic 6 months

Unexperienced driver, late by 1h30 6 months

Your minivans are good but the driver had no experience on the road. We told him he was too slow after 2 hours at 40km/h and eventually arrived 1h30 later than scheduled. Road was terrible but could have changed to the Takeo-Kep-Kampot one Not VIP

Surprisingly punctual 6 months

Contrary to other reviews, the buses from Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh, and from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap departed on time. Staff were also very friendly and were helpful during the border crossings.

BangkokKenzo 6 months

We missed the bus due to delayed arrival at pier by Island Speed Ferry.

TeamG 6 months

Great service which left on time and arrived on time. Good comfort break half way through with small supermarket and clean WC/wash facilities. Could not recommend highly enough.

Sonia 6 months

Bus covered in cockroaches, left an hour late. Bus driver was driving very fast (100km/h) and very dangerously. I was afraid for my life.

Name 6 months

Name 6 months

amking cj 6 months

Tim 6 months