Customer Reviews

LorraineP 8 months

The bus left on time and the driver was good. Total trip time was unrealistic given the hold-ups with traffic and getting out of Phnom Penh (even on Sunday)! The road to Kampot was bad (roadworks) but not the fault of Mekong Express. Total journey 4hr50m

Anabela Goncalves 8 months

The road is terrible. It was a very hard journey because of the bad pavement and for that and because of rain, we got one hour later than expected.

Olivia Tong 8 months

I booked this bus because it’ was the shorted ride in all of the companies. It showed 4 hrs from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville. Don’t trust what you see! It was actually 6hrs and 30 mins ride. Disappointed! Don’t let the time fool you and it’s not cheap!!

Julien louche 8 months

No wifi It was not a direct bus. Many stops

Tripple Scam at the Border 8 months

Driver was OK, seats not very comfy, no toilet on board but three breaks. Took 8 hours not 6 but that's OK. Additional service fee for border crossing of $5 and the extortion, to be left at the border is absolute impertinence. Luggage handling is bad.

Traveller 53706 8 months

Szymon 8 months

Traveller 44202 9 months

Bus delayed for more than 2 hours to depart from Phnom Penh

Marion and Antoine 9 months

Overall good. 1 hour late compared to the planned departure time, driver was good, not too fast and we appreciated the free pick up service directly at the hotel.

Marion and Antoine 9 months

Overall OK. A bit late compared to the planned departure time.