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Traveler 7 months

Grant 7 months

Travellers. 7 months

We were asked to pay $5 each to cross the border from VN to CB for the process to go faster. it is unacceptable to then be told that if we didn’t pay, the bus wouldn’t wait for us. And the fact that it is actually just $1 is even worse. It wasn’t just us.

Patrick vincent 7 months

Change arrival time 23 30 insted of 21 30 !!!!!!

Bunnarith Lim 7 months

Autobus comodo, olor a vomito 7 months

Servicio puntual. El mayor problema es que la gente de aqui vomita mucho en los viajes, seria un gran detalle quede hubiesen bolsas para el mareo, asi si alguien vomita no lo hace en el suelo y se queda ahi todo el viaje, lo cual es asqueroso.

Yolanda 7 months

Good quality service , accomodation by the staff in giving the necessary services for the passengers , attended with the passengers visa and snacks. Thank you for a safe ride.

Steph33 7 months

Ratana Lim 7 months

Leanne 7 months

Excellent service. Comfortable. Punctual. Good stops.