Customer Reviews

JC 7 months

We caught 4 minivans across Cambodia on our trip and this was by far the best... we were worried about the reviews but we now think that a lot of them were made by precious tourists who don’t understand Cambodian driving and roads... great leg room!

Y 7 months

The staff of the bus spoke Khmer language, so I could not undertand what happened.

Deicy 7 months

Akitsu Takahashi 7 months

My seat was occupied by another woman and she also said her seat was double booked. Careless of both the travel agency and bus service. Driver was super rough. We were about to fail once.

Trista kow 7 months

Good bus service

Jean Marc 7 months

Very good trip

Jean Marc 7 months

The best driver on the world

Declan Simons 7 months

Hello, I am not too dissatisfied with your service, however the handling of the passports by the staff and the border crossing is not great. Also very minimal communication from the host. Seat was quite uncomfortable, But but thank you for the safe journe

Umaw 7 months

Haki 7 months

We took bus from Ho Ci Minh to Siam Reap. It was not so bad, what I read about this company before. Start at 7:00, there were on time, changing bus in Phnom Penh,we had 2 hours delay, so we changed buses immediately. It had sometime wifi and air condition