Customer Reviews

Gaku Ushiyama 7 months

San Dy 7 months

Driver is good, the fleet is clean and arrive safely.

Nothing better than this 7 months

Sam At 7 months

As usual for my business trip I always choose Mekong Van comfortable, spacious and convenient

Lee 7 months

Good but I need more comfortable

N/A 7 months

Lovisa 7 months

We were told that we could cross the border to Vietnam, but we could not so we had to return to Phnom Penh. Tried to change our ticket to a later date,but does not work, bad service.

Jan 8 months

Your guide stole from me 5 usd for visa without reason and got very upset when I told her I don't want to pay it

Bernadette 8 months

Extremely upset. The bus left late, and,10 mins into the journey, it got into its bus depot, stopped for 30 mins and then we had to change bus due to a breakdown. It was past midnight and we changed from bus with sleeper seats to a normal bus. Cheated!

DG 8 months

Pick up at hotel was appreciated. However bus was 30 min late leaving bus station and arrived about 1.5 hours later than scheduled time. Price was good.