Customer Reviews

Marianne 12 months

Good driver, my only concern is always the same: drivers picking up Khmer people on the road and dropping them also but not allowing foreigners the same

CJ 12 months

The journey was two and a half hours longer than advertised, with too many unnecessary stops along the way, which was frustrating. To cap it off, the driver dropped us near the port and the tuk tuk driver tried to charge us $30 for a 2km journey.

Anthony Portman 12 months

Good driving in difficult weather confitions

Traveller 63213 12 months

Very good night journey.

Traveller 62975 12 months

I like this travelling

Traveller 62975 12 months

Mansi 12 months

Cassie Leahy 12 months

Efficient but cramped. Driver should not take phone calls when he has the responsibility of all those people on the bus.It is an accident waiting to happen.

Juan Manuel Franco 12 months

All good. Plenty of space, on time , AC and fast. The road has only two lines. Sometimes the driver has to pass slow vehicules by going in the wrong way, but is understandable. If not, it could take 1-2 hours longer. The driver didnt so anything risky.

Traveller 45506 12 months

How the bus company offers to me (as the customer) is different from from they write on the website. I was not given a bottle of water (they said that water is out of stock in the bus), a snack and the phone charger didn’t work). This was a good trip.