Customer Reviews

Seng Sophany 12 months

Driver picked up some additional passengers along the way, so it caused on late arriving in PP. We scheduled to leave HCM at 1pm and to arrive in PP at 7pm, but it was 8:30pm instead. No clear information from staffs to passengers related to break or so.

Seng Sophany 12 months

The driver kept stopping many times to pick up some additional passengers as there were vacant seats,so it caused to the arrival time of being late.We left PP at 8:30am & scheduleed to be in HCM at 2:30pm but instead, it's 5:30pm. time-consuming at border

Dirk Driessen 12 months


Marc 12 months

Tony Phillips 12 months

Good driver comfortable seat

Vic 12 months

I love how they assist us from our baggage , snacks and direction for the immigration in the boarders

Traveller 63353 12 months

WL 12 months

comfortable van,vip leather seat

Sam 12 months

This was a convenient way to get from Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh. It certainly wasn't a luxury ride but it was cheap and convenient.

Quyen Van 12 months

Best boat trip ever. Thank you so muchhh