Customer Reviews

Nanette Pegg 7 months

Punctual bus, road was a bit bumpy but all in all, a good experience

TravelingVietnam 7 months

Very bad trip. Got through border, which was perfect & thought hard part was over. But then bus was boiling hot. No AC. Extremely bad exhaust/burning rubber fumes. Could hardly breathe. Bus broke down, smoking, & we had to wait 2 hours on side of road.

Fraz 7 months

One of the worst trips I've ever been on. Paid for VIP with Aircon and Wifi, bus was 40 mins late, journey was 2 hours longer than advertised, air conditioning stopped 30mins in, no wifi. No explanation/apology.

Traveller 46527 7 months

Good experience! Highly recommended!

Anita 7 months

Air conditioning was not adequate enough. It was very hot on the bus.

David Jordaan 7 months

Overall a pleasant experience

David Jordaan 7 months

Overall a pleasant experience

Alvz 7 months

Low air conditioning system. Too hot inside. Comfort Room is filthy.

amkin 7 months

It was ok.

Jan 7 months

Snack and water included, spacious seats, tv, everything on time, but women (inspector - empolyee of Mekong Express) which was coordinating border crossing, took another 25$ for no reason (we had all paperworks for visa done and fully paid)