Customer Reviews

Luise Angelmaier 6 months

Trip from Phnom Penh to Kampot was much longer than planned! Driver drove to fast especially at the beginning of construction sites so once we really jumped with the car ! Dangerous

Andrew long 7 months

WARNING I booked a bus for 2:30 PM I arrived at the designated departure point I was then told the bus was just not there ? Even though I had a email confirming my ticket booking for the time required I was told that there was no bus leaving that day

Andree 7 months

The bus was never available I was redirected to another company please process my refund your service is non-existent

Deborah Herman 7 months

Nice staff, but very old bus.

Caroline Clarke 7 months

I find the service fabulous. Sad that the road was so bad it took much longer than expected, but that wasn't the drivers fault. The hazard light pinged all the way to Kampot and we were air born for absecod went we hot a bump but I like this service.

Ok, but not more. 7 months

Two hours late, no seatbelt on my seat, besides that good.

Gela 7 months

Driver was very friendly and he really assist his passengers. Office receptionist in Phnom Pehn is very good

Rowena Rea 7 months

Safe and on time. Instructions was not clear. Aircon is not cool enough and just 2 bus stops 10am and 6pm

Rowena Rea 7 months

The inspector’s announcement is incomprehensible.

Lambruny 7 months

No comment, all are good