Customer Reviews

Morm Sophanha 12 months

Linsey 12 months

Traveller 63571 12 months

so far so good, car is good condition only driver need to be careful

Traveller 63159 12 months

Alessandro Sarzi 12 months

Trip was comfortable, driver was great. 1h delay because of the conditions of the roads

Mark 12 months

On June 12th, I left HCMC to Phnom Penh at 6:30 am. I was riding in one of the mini buses. There were only 3 customers. I was able to lay across the seats and sleep. The border crossing took a total of 10 minutes from leaving Vietnam to sitting on the bus

Arlina 12 months

We were 3 hours late. The driver offered to take us to the ferry, then took us instead to two different ferry offices that weren't ours. Then, he just had us get out and wanted us to pay him for bringing us to the wrong place and missing our ferry.

Overall good 12 months

I was confused on needing to pay $2 to leave Vietnam and another $2 to enter Cambodia on top of visa price.

Traveller 61779 12 months

Very bad experance 12 months

Hi Bus was delayed 45 minuts from Siem Reap We need to stop after 30 minuts drive bus engine was leaking diesel filter was leaking diesel was dripping on hot surfaces, try to change filter but new one not correct continus driving not safe jens-Jarly