Customer Reviews

Uri 7 months


Traveller 50010 7 months

Very good but road down to kompot terrible

Chris 7 months

Less leg room than the Giant Ibis we had taken previously. Wifi not working even though it was advertised at booking an a major reason why we chose your company. Air con not adequate so it got really warm.

Celine 7 months

It was a very bad experience. Air condition was broken, it was SWELTERING HOT, Wifi was broken, seats were so close to each other, our knees hurt, the inspector lady was anything but nice and we left with 1/2 hour delay. Honestly not worth the money.

CLAIRE 7 months

JASN 7 months

The bus was broked dowm in mid way. We 5 people found another car to Phnom Penh,$5 each. It took at least 8 hours. 6 hours on the bus,and 2 hours by car. If we don't find another car, we don't know how long time to Phnom Penh. The bus almost catched fire.

Bảo Dung 7 months

Staff are helpful. I felt safe the whole trip and appreciated the fact that there is a toilet on the bus for such long distance journey. The inside is quiet old and needs maintenance. Overall a positive experience.

DT 7 months

Beware of their scamming fee to “help” you get the visa to Cambodia. You can do it yourself and will take you less time!

Nonoi Philippines 7 months

There's nothing nothing more I could ask for, but the new coach stands out the most.

Low 7 months

The van is quite old but spacious. Poor air conditioner, the driver is talking with the phone while driving, it's very dangerous.