Customer Reviews

Disappointed 12 months

The time of departure and arrival were falsely advertised. The advertised journey was 4 hours, the real journey was 6.5 without traffic. This meant we missed original ferry booking... Bus was dirty, driver was frankly dangerous and staff were rude.

Valdemar A. 12 months

The driver from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh was really nice, so 5/5 for him. But it would’ve been nice if the driver from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh used the horn less. The first bus was good, lots of leg room, but it would’ve been nice with the same on bus 2.

Tek Punlork 12 months

Traveller 60481 12 months

Pete 12 months

Everything was ok

Andrej 12 months

Inspector let inside locals with bags of Durian which made all rear stink with it, also AC was turned off for 3 hours of journey

Safety & Punctual 12 months

On time departure, the driver drove safety and stably, picked up some passengers somewhere in Vietnam. But arrival time was earlier than when I expected.

Traveller 63545 12 months

Axel Seguier 12 months

Laura 12 months