Customer Reviews

Traveller 37152 8 months

Hugo Caetano 8 months

Very good company. We arrive earlier than expected. Very comfortable buses. I definitely recommend this company.

Traveller 11952 8 months

Raveau 8 months

Le van était en faite un vieux truc, avec ventilation et pas clim. Il y en avait un top mais 1er arrivé 1er servie. 3h normalement, mais le 11/04/19, la route Battambang_sisophon en travaux, donc 6h

Traveller 56603 8 months

Took the trip from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville. So many small cockroaches in the van, even crawling onto my body. So disgusting!! Will never take this van again!

Traveller 53706 8 months

Driving a bit slow. Need faster than this.

Jen 8 months

The bus was delayed over an hour and 20 mins, it supposed to leave at 3:00 pm but no car arrive on time until 4:20 pm departure. The clerk at the office can’t explain what happens And what time the bus will arrive to station. It was a terrible experienced

Traveller 45049 8 months

Traveller 46891 8 months

Older bus but was clean, arrived on time and staff was very professional and helpful.

Garance Chiron 8 months

You should warn the people that there is some construction on the road. It is more 4h than 3h. We saw an accident on the way and we didn't stop to check of the guy was ok! What are accommodation and inspector? I put 1 star because I don't know.