Customer Reviews

N/A 7 months

VL 7 months

Traveller 47589 7 months

No problems. Very helpful at the border.

Lalo 7 months

We were not given a snack like we were supposed to get.

Jenny 7 months

Comfortable and timely

Camila Silva 7 months

The trip was good, only the bottom seats are too tiny! I loved the free biscuits and water!

Yannick 7 months

Never again They force you to pay 5 dollars or let you behind at the border

Jorge 7 months

Everything was ok

chidi 7 months

the trip from Vietnam to Cambodia was good. Departure on time and arrival on time However the return trip was very bad. Bus departed almost 2 hours late and instead of 6 hours trip it took almost 10. Because of that, i could nt find my hotel once back

Nathan Mol 7 months