Customer Reviews

Chua 8 months

I had wrote to complaint bcoz I brought sleep bus, on date 13 Apr my seat 2A,2B been sold take over by other passenger. staff working arrange normal seat bus to Siem Reap, I with partner can't sleep for whole journey.

Traveller 3360 8 months

The bus got problem and we wait about 3 hours to get the new bus but it got problem again after just about minutes drive.

Arun susdai 8 months

Passengers were ready at time of departure but we all waited an extra 30 min. Air conditioning didn’t work and windows were opened as a result. 6 hr trip ended up being 8.5 hrs even though there was minimal traffic. Overall, I would not recommend.

Rwc_thailand 8 months

Air conditioning in the van is not good. Their is no instruction from the reception counter at the destination point when we arrived.

Eunice Castillo 8 months

Airconditioning us not good. Very hot As per online, bus was with WIFI but no wifi

Kim 8 months

This bus was supposed to arrive on 14:30 and I tried to understand less than 2hours delay because it was khmer ny period. But it arrived on 19:00. And no seat belt.

Karolan richer 8 months

Bad condition of the bus 8 months

The tire of the bus on the road was spiked, however the driver instead of changing the tire immediately continued driving at a lower speed. In conclusion the trip was delayed and I lost my flight to Siem Reap. The bus attendant did not want to pay my taxi

Complete failure 8 months

After about 1 hour the bus broke down. We had to wait 2-3 hours for a replacement bus which lasted 1 hour before breaking down. We were told it would take at least 3 h. Ended up getting a taxi to the border and then from the border to Ho Chi Minh.

Ngoy Lynguon 8 months