Customer Reviews

Yo 5 months

Very good in all aspects

feryan 5 months

Very nice service , punctual time and the wifi works

amking 5 months

This time was better.

Valhan 5 months

Le van est parti et arrivé à l'heure.le chauffeur avait une conduite sportive mais assurée sur une route qui par moment est une véritable piste ! Bonne expérience avec cette compagnie.

Vanessa Romanello 5 months

Bus was a bit old and not so comfortable. For a long trip we expected to have at least more space for our legs. Nevertheless, the bus was punctual.

Liana Tran 5 months

Bus was late because of bus mechanical issues

Yennie 5 months

Comparing to other night buses, it was great. Clean, quiet, the steward spoke English, water and snack included, toilet in the bus, right on time, no noisy smelly locals. All good. Narrow beds though, as always, three rows.

Sandra 5 months

The bus made two long stops 10 minutes part. Then did not stop the rest of the journey . A passenger asked to use the washroom and the driver mocked her asking her to use the bush . Another passenger was not feeling well and was puking five people to stop

jennifer 5 months

car was 2h late

Gio 5 months