Customer Reviews

Angela 6 months

Mark 6 months

The bus is a bit old especially the one from Ho Chi Minh- Phnom Penh and the lady assisting us was a bit moody. But overall, trip was good.

Maria Carmela Padol 6 months

The overall journey is comfortable and ive reach Siem Reap on time. I’m a single traveler but the inspector/ attendant is very accommodating

Karla Grobler 6 months

Exactly what we expected. We received some water on the bus and the staff were helpful at the boarder. We sat at the back, the seats had less space than the seats in the middel and the front so I would definitely recommend those two rows. Thank you.

Karla Grobler 6 months

The bus exceeded my expectations. It was very clean and the staff were nice and welcoming. We received a pillow, blanket, water and some biscuits which we were not expecting at all. I would definitely recommend this as a cheaper travel option.

Griffiths 6 months

Despite confirming the night before, our seats were double booked and we were transferred to Kumho Samco which was not the same quality of service but got us to Phnom Penh 2 hours later than predicted. Very didappointing Mr Bookmebus.

Orger 6 months

Left bang on time only to have to go back after 15mins because we collected a wrong passenger & forgot a further two. Driver drove like crazy to make up lost time & was reluctant to keep the air con on despite the stuffiness and our requests.

Philippe Paquin 6 months

Excellent trip between Phnom Phen and HCMC.

Keo Sreypheak 6 months

R 6 months

Still not used to constant honking.