Customer Reviews

Trân Tùng 8 months

Your Services are very bad. I never book your ticket. Terrible!!!

Chun wong 8 months

I keep my bag in Phnom Penh bus station after I arrived Phnom Penh. However, when I got back my bag I realize that my money were gone. I can't sure is it stolen by your employee but I really feel sad about that.

Kate 8 months

The air conditioning didn’t work. It took over 10 hours to arrive in Phnom Penh after taking 3 hours just to cross the border. How interesting this was watching the locals walk through whilst the rest of us waited. The snacks were the only good thing.

Emmanuelle 8 months

The trip took us 8 hours instead of the 4. I was supposed to be dropperd off at the Phsar Orussey stop (near my accommodation) but I was dropped off near Wat Phnom. The girl at the agency didn't care and only said that I can pay for a tuk tuk. Frustrating

fengwei 8 months

The guide charged me $15 extra for a year multiple visa, he said because today is holidays... Normal visa only costs $5 extra, I am not very satisfied with this $15 extra charge, this is already beyond bus charge.Anyway I do not use this bus anymore.

Hour six hours became ten 8 months

The bus arrived early this was the only good thing about the bus. The bus had no aircon and we booked seats at the front of the bus but instead we got seated at the back of the bus next to the toilets. The people on the bus were less then helpful. Awful!!

Curcio 8 months

The promised wifi w was not available and the air conditioning was poor. The inspector was terrific.

Alizee 8 months

Everything went smoothly. We got there 1,5 hours later than told by the company but we already knew that it was going to happen so we didn’t mind. Would just appreciate more info beforehand (price of the visa etc)

Cathy 8 months

Excellent, value for money service. Thank you

David 8 months

Organised and pretty reliable service with Mekong Express. They offer the best price-service of the bus companies I’ve tried in (and to-from) Cambodia.