Customer Reviews

Traveller 82648 about 4 hours

Janine about 15 hours

The van left on time from HCMC and would've arrived on time in Phnom Penh if it weren't for the heavy traffic in the city. The driver was very kind and warm, though he couldn't speak english, he tries to communicate to us and point us to nice views :)

Traveller 78143 1 day

Phan Ha 2 days

Very enthusiasm and friendly staff

Anne 2 days

Sylvain Clavreul 3 days

Driver took wrong way voluntarily, left side of the road which is highly dangerous. He took a long break even if we were late. Arrived one hour late on a 3-hour trip! Bus was ok

Traveller 78143 3 days

Mengkoung Chea 3 days

Terry 3 days

Driver on a cellphone the entire trip! Roads are bad (expected) but the cellphone made the trip dangerous!

WEINICH 4 days

Very good welcome from Phnom Penh We appreciated the punctuality