Customer Reviews

Traveller 75424 7 days

Traveller 75424 14 days

Puthisak 14 days

Good service and safe driving

Lorenzo 16 days

The driver doesn't know that he can keep his foot on the accelerator instead constantly press and release the accelerator. 2 hours dalay on the arrival time

Carol 17 days

I cancelled my trip to Phnom Penh

Frank 18 days

Ritheany Chhiv 18 days

Rangrath OUN 18 days

I think Mekong Express is better than other. And I come to the hometown so I don't know about Accommodation but I rate 4 stars for មotivation. Thank you

Nastia 18 days

Juan 19 days

There was no wifi, the driver wouldn't speak a single word if English and the bus took 4 instead of 3 hours. But like anything in this country, we don't expect anymore anything to be like advertised.