Customer Reviews

Camille Astruc about 4 hours

I book Mekong express because in the review it is supposed to be punctual. We took more than 7 hours (instead of 4hours) to arrive to destination and we miss our boat to Koh Rong. We had to pay again. Very bad experience.

Virak Pong about 6 hours

Virak Pong about 6 hours

Traveller 50182 about 10 hours

Daniel Doyle about 15 hours

Punctual hotel pick up, clean and comfortable interior with wifi. Arrival on schedule.

1st Time traveller to Cambodia about 22 hours

7 hour of Nightmare!!, friendly staff good service, however, AC blowing warm air, so hot, sweating soak and wet for 7 hour of steam bath!!

Elle about 23 hours

The driver was honking his horn every 5 seconds, driving on opposite side of the road. Bus broke down twice, men had to push the bus for it to start again. Inspector lady forced me to go to the shop during a stopover which I didn't get!

Anna 1 day

zoe 1 day

Wasn't expecting the best for this ride but was very pleasantly surprised. Booked because of the WC on board which was fine, meant 1 quick 25 min stop. The air con worked fine. There was a problem with the bus but got sorted in 20mins. Comfy seats, too.

Oliver 1 day

Trip into was 4 hours from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville with Mekong Express VIP Van but as expected it took 6 hours. No problem for us because I expected 6 hours. For those on a tight schedule it might be an issue. Overall it was a comfortable & safe trip