Customer Reviews

SUNG JO 1 minute

the bus condition is not good, but as some people mentioned that the company require customers to pay additional 5 dollars, this didn't happen to me.

Ana Morais 23 minutes

The guy from the bus have charged me more 5$ to make the on arrival visa to Cambodia, saying that it was a fee to avoid the cue. There was no cue, there was nobody there. We could have done it by ourselves. You just wanted to steal me.

Traveller 66696 34 minutes

Driver is very kind and helpful.

Anoniem about 20 hours

Bus was at first 45min late. After that, they said that the aircondition was not working. They said we will have to wait for 30min. Axtually, took them about 1h. Driver was driving way too fast... like he was in a hurry because we left later.

Traveller 56389 1 day

They pick up unofficial customers along the way. Let's them sit on walkway to restroom.

Traveller 72592 1 day

It was a bad experience that I was changed to other bus service Khai Nam at 12 which they gave me back 2$ per ticket n told me that it was overlapped tickets. I was completely unhappy given I booked the ticket around 15 days in advance

Traveller 6517 1 day

Traveller 78063 1 day

Ariel 1 day

I stated my hostel during the booking and there was an option. On the day itself i was told that my hostel was not in the coverage zone. I would appreciate it if i was informed earlier so i can plan my way there. Dissapointing.

Jake 1 day

No electricity. Couldn't use my phone to find hotel after that. My seat was spoiled - not able to adjust.