Customer Reviews

Kyle about 5 hours

Bus was 2 hours late to destination

Traveller 49409 1 day

Perfect service Mekong Express was this trip excellent

Pascal Collon 1 day

Ate and Sineat 2 days

The driver we used from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville was great, but the drive back from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh on February 14, 3pm was extremely disappointing. The driver was reckless, drove too fast and too dangerous. He was on the phone all the time

AJ 2 days

I’m slightly disappointed with the quality of the service and the bus. Mostly because of the late departure (and arrival) and the unhelpful and rather rude staff on the bus, who hassled the passangers for “neccessary police bribe”. Uncomfortable seats.

Orl T 3 days

Not true their buses have WiFi. Also beware of the places they stop. Usually they overcharge tourists for food

Thuy 4 days

Departed 15 min late,immigration at border gate took 1 hour, despite the bus assistant insisting we give $1 for quick crossing. Bus assistant doesn't know Phnom Penh,he told me to get off in the middle of nowhere & find a tuk tuk instead of giving advice

Lea 5 days

Chris 5 days

You need +1 Hour. In bookmebus the arrival was at 11:00. for that time we had a pickup from our hotel. Because we arrive at 12:00, we had to pay for our own hotel transport. Please correct because +1h is normal.

A 5 days

Not what I'd expect from a VIP bus, was very crammed and not comfortable. Driver was very nice and helpful.