Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How to cancel my booking?

Booking cancellation is free of charge if it is informed by dropping us an email to with the following criteria:

Request to cancel booking must be made 48 hours prior to the departure. If you book your ticket at the last moment or less than 24 hrs before the departure, in that case you cannot cancel your ticket.

Refunds will be provided back to the passenger’s credit/debit card or Wing money account with a 30% transaction fee deduction. Cash coupons are also available for future transactions. Cash coupons are valid up to 6 months from the date of cancellation.

What if I want a refund instead of a coupon code?

We can do so by deducting 30% of the total amount for paying the bank processing fee. Customers need to inform us 48 hours before departure.

How to change my departure date?

Request to change departure date is free of charge if it is informed by dropping us an email to with the following criteria:

Request to change departure date must be made 1 day prior to the departure date

What is the maximum passenger for Mini- Van or VIP Van?

The Toyota Hiace and Ford Transit are very popular for using by bus companies in Cambodia. The maximum passengers of both van are 15 paxs. 11 pax

What is Hotel Bus, VIP 28 Seat Bus and Luxury Night Bus?

  1. Sleeping Bus: The seat is adjustable (80% with 4 rows)
  2. Luxury bus The seat is adjustable (100%) with more space between the rows(only 3 rows) USB charger, and clean WC.

Does the ferry ticket price include return trip? And how to confirm the return trip from the Island?

Every ferry ticket purchased ($22) includes open return trip which has 4 daily departures available from Koh Rong/Rong Sanleomn. Passengers are required to pre-inform their office staff on the island one day ahead about the return trip date and time to secure your seats of the return boat.

Is it available for pick up at Phnom Penh International Airport if i book the bus to Sihanoukville or Kampot?

The passengers can wait for the bus at The New Park Cafe Restaurant which is in front of the airport.

How to choose a vehicle type?

Luggage and passenger capacity are shown for each vehicle type in the list of transfers, there are also examples of cars. If you have doubts which vehicle type suits you best, please email to

How can I make sure that my booking was accepted?

As soon as you make the booking, you will receive confirmation on your email, it’s a voucher where you can see booking number and transfer details. This email means that the seat has been booked. If you haven’t received the confirmation email, you should immediately contact

Will I be able to change the data in my order?

Yes, the order changes will be made for free, but no later than one day before the trip. To make changes, contact our support team

Does the driver speak English?

Our uniformed friendly and helpful crews are all fluent in khmer and English. They will also provide commentaries and information about historical locations or other interests along the way in both khmer and English.

Will my bus arrive on time?

No, most probably you will arrive ahead of schedule or a little late. Transit times depend on traffic conditions, weather, driver's experience and many other factors. We try to give the times as accurate as possible, but there is no guarantee you will exactly arrive on the time mentioned.

Is my seat guaranteed?

Yes, it is. You will have 'a seat' on the trip you booked as soon as you get your confirmation voucher. The voucher you received shows your booking number and the seat number. Your seat number is guaranteed, unless the bus operator changes the seating in last minute to accommodate a lady/child/monk/handicapped person. If you were able to pick a seat during the booking process you will get it, unless something happened during your booking. In such a case the seat number is taken automatically by the system and you will receive the best seats available at that point. So the seats are guaranteed, the seat numbers are not!

How do I get to the boarding point?

Please take a look at the PDF file sent to you after successful payment. It shows the address of the boarding point in English language and a map with the exact location. If you are not familiar with the location or you find it difficult to get there you might show the ticket to a taxi driver or ask the staff at the front desk of your hotel to organize transfer to the boarding point.

How can I arrange my visa?

Sorry we are unable to provide you with professional advice on visa requirements as we are not a visa expert. We are sure that your will find your answer here:

How to get a visa for Vietnam in Cambodia?

We are sure that your will find your answer here:

How to process my visa at the border if i take Direct Bus or Non-Direct Bus?

If you are travelling with a Direct Bus, the staff on board will take care of collecting your Passport and arranging your visa. You do not need to unboard the vehicle to cross the border.

In case your bus is not direct, you will need to get off your bus at the border and arrange your visa with your Passport by yourself. Another bus will be waiting for you at the other side of the border, so make sure the bus staff make clear the position of the new vehicle.

We want to sit together. What should we do?

Everybody wants to sit together. We know that. Our support team always try to get the seats as close to each other as possible. Only in very rare cases, the seats will not be adjacent: for example, when a bus is almost fully booked and there are only few seats left. The bigger the group, the higher the chance that not all of its members will stay together.